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Wet Shotcrete Machine HS-700
  1. Rotor Piston structure
  2. Concrete Output: 7m³/h
  3. Motor Power: 7.5 kw
  4. Aggregate Size: 15mm
  5. Air Pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa
  6. Air Requirement: ≥12m³/h
  7. Max Vertical Conveying distance: 20m
  8. Max Horizontal Conveying distance: 30m
Robotic Shotcrete Pump TXJS 3017G
  1. Concrete Output: 30 m³/h
  2. Max Pumping Pressure: 10 MPa
  3. Motor Power: 55kw
  4. Valve type: "S" type
  5. Diesel Engine: 92 kw
  6. Air compressor Equipped
  7. Shotcrete Height: 17m
  8. Remote Control available !!
Wet Concrete Spraying Pump
  1. Concrete Output: 8m³/h
  2. Motor Power: 22 kw
  3. Aggregate Size: 20mm
  4. Valve type: "S" type
  5. Hopper Volume: 0.4 m³
  6. Max Vertical Conveying distance: 40m
  7. Max Horizontal Conveying distance: 150m

 Mortar Grout Pump Machine
  1. Mortar Output: 2000L/h
  2. Motor Power: 4 kw
  3. Aggregate Size: 3mm
  4. Grouting Pressure: 2 MPa
  5. Mixer Volume: 160 L
  6. Equip with mortar mixer,optional
  7. Grouting or spraying work,optional
  8. Smart structure,easy to move
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