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Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Wang Mengshu is present Jiaozuo to discuss

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 on November 18, 2015, Chinese Academy of Engineering academicians Wang Mengshu on invitation my city discussion railroad industry science and technology present situation and foreground. My city industry Deputy Mayor Qiao Xueda presides over the symposium, Henan University of Science and Technology principal the Yang Xiaolin attends the symposium, my city partial mainstay enterprise participates in this conference. The Henan great nation intelligence science and technology Limited company people in charge also on invitation attend this conference, discussed that can hit academician Wang Mengshu and company General Manager Bai Jian carries on the depth to talk bravely, Bai Jian reported the company to academician Wang Mengshu to work bravely, academician Wang Mengshu put forward many guidance proposals to the company.
 Wang Mengshu, is Chinese Academy of Engineering academician, incumbent Beijing Jiaotong University civil construction Engineering college professor, postgraduate candidate teacher, Beijing Jiaotong University China tunnel and understructure work experimental study core director, is our country tunnel and the understructure work highly respected person level expert. He wins the country advance in technology special award, the second prize successively, original Ministry of Railways advance in technology special award and so on; Once attained the nation outstanding scientific and technical worker, the country has the outstanding contributions expert and so on many kinds of titles of honor.
 At the symposium, Wang Mengshu introduced our country railway communication industry technological progress's present situation as well as “45” the plan prospects for development, hoped between the enterprise must exchange frequently, follows closely the industrial development the footsteps, looks for the accurate development direction, obtains the considerable development.

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