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  • Grout pump operation manual

    Grout pump operation manual Formal grouting work1. Open grouting valve of mixer, and grout water for 1 minutes.2. If the machine works normally, put two suction hoses into the slurry pool, start grouting3. Put two suction hoses into clear water pool at once after grouting. Slurry in grout pump shoul

  • What are the disadvantages of wet shotcreting

    What are the disadvantages of wet shotcretingCompared to dry shotcreting, wet shotcreting also has some disadvantages. When you want to buy a wet shotcrete machine, you need to know these factors.Disadvantages of wet shotcreting· The discharge speed from the jet is considerably higher compared to th

  • What is wet shotcreting

    What is wet shotcretingWet shotcreteing is base on the transport of the wet concrete mixture from the machine (concrete pump) by a transport tube or hoses to the spraying jet. The spraying effect is achieved by mixing the wet concrete mixture at the final stage of the transport and by its accelerati

  • Pond liner welding machine used in fishpond construction

    Pond liner welding machine used in fishpond construction Attentions in welding pond linerThe leakage of fish pond directly affects the survival and growth of fish.Generally, the service life of impermeable membrane can reach more than 10 years, so the welding of impermeable membrane is particularly

  • Classifiction Method Of Grout Pumps


  • Grout mixer, agitator, pump

    Grout mixer, agitator, pump (integrated) What is a grout mixer? It is an integrated grouting machine with mixer produced by Henan Weibang company. It consists of high-speed mixer, low-speed agitator and grout pump.Volume of mixer, agitator and grout pump can be equipped according to actual requireme

  • Grout Pumps Machine For Sale

    Classification method of Grout pumpsMany customers don’t know clearly how to classify grout pump when they buy it. They may say they need grout pump or grout machine or cement grout pump or double liquid grout pump. Actually these names are used according to different classification methods, includi

  • Shotcrete Machine Models And Parameter

    Shotcrete machine models and parameterIn terms of materials property, shotcrete machine models of Weibang mainly include: wet-mix shotcrete machine HS700, PZ3/5/7/9 dry-mix shotcrete machine. According to its power source, there are electric shotcrete machine, pneumatic-driven shotcrete machine and

  • Geomembrane Welding Machine HH-620 Price

    Geomembrane Welding Machine HH-620 PriceGeomemmbrane welding machine is divided into geomembrane welding machine HH-610, hot wedge welder HH-615 and geomembrane welder HH-620. They are a portable geomembrane welding machine for welding HDPE, LDPE, EVA, PVC, ECB, PP thermo plastic materials, Which us

  • PZ-7 gunite machine Price In South Africa

    PZ-7 gunite machine Price In South AfricaThere are three models of dry shotcrete machine,PZ-7 gunite machine is best-selling in South Africa. Description of PZ-7 shotcrete machine: PZ-7 dry mix shotcrete machine is a universal medium-sized shotcrete machine. Used for dry-mix concrete spraying in tu

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