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Electric dry shotcrete machine price

Views: 19     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-16      Origin: Site

How much is shotcrete machine? It depends on the customers to choose what type shotcrete machine.Weibang Machinery is a proffessional shotcrete machine manufacturer, more than 20 years of experience,can provide different type shotcrete machines. Such as wet shotcrete machine,dry gunite machine, and robotic shotcrete machine etc.


A customer inquiried about the price of electric dry shotcrete in Ethiopia. We can provide different models dry shotcrete machine, dry gunite machine have three model, thy are PZ-3 dry shotcrete machine, Pz-5 dry concrete spaying machine, Pz-7 gunite machine.there are electric and diesel for choose.In addition, there are air motor dry shotcrete machine, refractory gunite machine, explosion-proof shotcrete machine etc. And truck-mounted automatic feeding dry shotcrete machine.the models is different, the price is also different.The factory price range is from several thousand yuan to hundreds of thousands yuan.


we are professinal shotcrete machine suppliers and manufacturer for more than 20 years. Our shotcrete machine are exported to more than 120 countries. Such as South African,Philippines,Zambia,
Ethiopia,Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Sri Lanka, Egypt, etc, factory diret sale, Competitive price,After-sale guarantee, no matter what problem the machine has, we will help customers solve.Many customers are our old customers, with a long-term cooperation of shutdown.


If you are looking dry shotcrete machine, you can chat online,or leave a message on our website.our sales manager will contact you soon, send price, vidoes and more details about electric dry shotcrete machine to you.

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