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Grout Pump Price In Philippines

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With the continuous construction of highways, dams, slopes, reservoirs and rivers,Promote the continuous development of the grouting machine market,However, due to different construction conditions, the type and model of the grouting machine selected are also different,Small-scale engineering general grouting machine can be used,Therefore, the market prospect of small grouting machine is also very good.,So what are the types of small grouting machines?How much is it? 

Ⅰ、Many types of models

Because many manufacturers of grouting machines are now producing,In order to adapt to market demand,Many manufacturers produce different types and models of grouting machines,Below are a few of the commonly used small grouting machines.

1、Piston Mortar Grout Pump

Piston Mortar Grout Pumpp is very adaptable,the model is also very much,More widely used in multiple areas.

(1)UBH Piston Mortar Grout Pump:3m³/h,Horizontal conveying distance 100m,Vertical conveying distance 40m;

(2)SUBH Piston Mortar Grout Pump:4m³/h,Horizontal conveying distance 180m,Vertical conveying distance 60m

piston grout pump

2、SJB Cement Mortar grout Pump

SJB Cement Mortar grout Pump have two different types,One is with mixer, the other is without mixer,Both types of equipment are very reliable in quality and performance:

(1)SJB-20I:2000L/H,Grain size≤2mm,Feeding Height 830mm;

(2)SJB-50II:4200L/H,Grain size≤2mm,Feeding Height 880mm;

(3)SJB-50BII:4500L/H,Grain size≤2mm,Feeding Height 1200mm

mortar grout pump

Ⅱ、Grout Pump Price In Philippines

How much is a small grouting machine?This is a problem that investors are very concerned about,But because the market is unstable now,In addition, the price is affected by a lot of factors,Production technology、manufacturing cost、Manufacturing processand many more,Therefore, be careful when selecting equipmentIf you want to get grout pump price, please Contact us or inquiry us.We will send you product details and competitive prices as soon as possible.

gout pump

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