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How to prolong the service life of gunite machine 

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How to prolong the service life of gunite machine   

Shotcrete machine is widely in slopes, tunnel and other construction projects. The working condition of shotcrete machine is poor, therefore it is important to maintain the shotcrete machine and reduce its breakdown. What’s the regular maintenance of shotcrete machine? What should the operator need to notice?   

Maintenance of rubber plate

Four-point clamping device (figure 2): by this device, the force is acted through the screws and cylindrical springs, which works as elastic auto-clamping device. Tight clamping by the turnover frame floating can provide a constantly uniform pressure at the sealing surfaces with a high tightening effect and low dust emission, and can avoid rubber plate over-worn, too.

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maintenance of steel plate

Steel plates of shotcrete machine need to be check once a week. When there is deep scratch, the steel plate should be polished.The edge edge of the round hole of the steel lining plate should be checked frequently. It must keep sharp edge edge. If the edge edge is cut diagonally, fine particles will easily penetrate into the bonding surface and increase wear. If the new steel lining plate is replaced, and the old steel lining plate hole has bevel edge, the service life of the new steel lining plate will be significantly shortened.It can save a lot of trouble and cost by repairing and grinding the steel lining plate in time to remove the worn part.

3.maintenance of material cavity and bends

  Upon completion of each shift, the material cavity and outlet elbow of the shotcrete shall be cleaned in time.

4. maintenance of reducer of shotcrete machine
4.1 The lubricating oil of the reducer of the shotcrete machine is 50# industrial gear oil or 30# mechanical oil.

4.2 The temperature rise shall not exceed 40 degrees when the reducer works.

4.3 Clear up the mixture attached to the surface of the reducer in time after each shift.

4.4 Observe the oil mark frequently and fill it in time when the oil is insufficient.

4.5 Replace the lubricating oil after 3 months of accumulative work.

4.6 check whether there is leakage of reducer, once there is take measures to deal it.

7. Fill the bearing of the rotor square shaft with lubricating oil every week.


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