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Introduction for Grouting Pump machines

Views: 31     Author: Hou     Publish Time: 2017-12-26      Origin: Site

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        The grouting and plastering pumps are used for grouting, injecting, transporting or plastering of fine wet 

mixtures, in particular fine grouting mixtures, plaster mixtures, paint putty, putty coats, insulating coats etc. 

Grouting and mortar machines can be used widely not only in the construction industry, for underground and 

above-ground constructions, but also in the metallurgy and foundry industries.

        These are universal machines based on the principle of the worm transport spindle. Their fields of application

 are determined by the selected transport spindle establishing the maximum transport output and pressure, and

 by the choice of transport accessories.

        We produce a wide range of models with the transport output of 6 – 120 l/min and pressure of 0.8– 12 MPa.

         The machines with a higher transport output and lower pressure are, in particular, used as plastering and

 mortar machines, whilst machines with a lower output but higher pressure are used, in particular, as grouting 

machines for the injection of low granularity mixtures. These machines are also useful for simple transporting


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