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Pond liner welding machine used in fishpond construction

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Pond liner welding machine used in fishpond construction


Attentions in welding pond liner

The leakage of fish pond directly affects the survival and growth of fish.Generally, the service life of impermeable membrane can reach more than 10 years, so the welding of impermeable membrane is particularly important.

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Impermeable membrane fish pond is made of non - toxic and tasteless high - density polyethylene particles. Pond liner welding machine is used to weld the membrane. The parts that can't be welded by pond liner welding machine should use extrusion welder. The extrusion welder should cooperate with the welding rod with the same raw material to form a single welding seam for surfacing.

Before laying impermeable membrane in the fish pond, the fish pond should be compacted and leveled off. When laying impermeable membrane in fish pond, the impermeable membrane should be pressed with soil to prevent wind blowing. When welding impermeable film, retain a certain membrane to prevent expansion in hot weather and contraction in cold weather.

Geomembrane Welder

Finally, to weld with pond liner welding machine. After laying impermeable membrane, the overlap width should not be less than 10cm, generally about 10cm-15cm.The pond liner welding machine welds the geomembrane into a whole and has good anti-seepage effect.

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