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Shotcrete Machine Models And Parameter

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Shotcrete machine models and parameter
In terms of materials property, shotcrete machine models of Weibang mainly include: wet-mix shotcrete machine HS700, PZ3/5/7/9 dry-mix shotcrete machine.
 According to its power source, there are electric shotcrete machine, pneumatic-driven shotcrete machine and diesel shotcrete machine. 
In terms of its application field, there are ordinary shotcrete machine and explosion-proof shotcrete machine.

gunite machine

Application of shotcrete machine 
It is mainly used in building construction, mining, tunneling, culvert, railway, slope protection, swimming pool and hydro-power engineering. 
1.Dry-mix shotcrete machine: it solves the blocking problem of other models shotcrete machine. However, its rebound is high, dust is heavy and material cost is high. 
2.Wet-mix shotcrete machine: blocking may often happen for this model shotcrete machine, but its rebound is low, dust is less, material utilization is high. 
3.Explosion-proof shotcrete machine: there is no any spark when it works and it is usually used in flammable and explosive engineering construction. 

HS700 shotcrete machine

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