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The advantages of shotcrete machine for slope protection

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The advantages of shotcrete machine for slope protection

Shotcrete machine is universal equipment for shotcreting. There are many shotcrete machine manufactures on the market. In the past,customers tended to choose dry shotcrete machine.  Due to its high efficiency and labor-saving, shotcreting is more popular than manual plastering.

dry mix shotcrete machine

Since dry mix shotcrete machine may produce heavy dust which will damage the health of operator as well as the environment. In order to meet the market need, customers gradually tend to choose wet shotcrete machine. Before the technology of wet shotcrete machine become mature, some far-sighted the manufactures make some technical upgrading base on the dry mix shotcrete machine. Dry and wet shotcrete machine is produced under the background .

dry/wet shotcrete machine

There are three features:

一.Stable performance ,easy operation,low energy consumption,long service life.

二.Compared to traditional dry shotcrete machine, it is equipped with accelerator dosage system. It can realize accurate measurement with metering pump, and manually adjust accelerator dosage.

三.This model of shotcrete machine can do both dry and wet shotcreting. For dry shotcreting, the working capacity is 7cubic meters per hour. For wet shotcreting, the working capacity is 3-4 cubic meters per hour. It can be used according to the situation of construction site.

Slope protection site is the construction site and slope treatment, its is a protection engineering to prevent fall or soil and water loss.

Generally speaking,slope protection is a necessary protective engineering to prevent collapse and water and soil loss. Different construction technology should be adopted according to different situation. No matter what technology, shotcrete machine is indispensable.

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