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What is wet shotcreting

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What is wet shotcreting

Wet shotcreteing is base on the transport of the wet concrete mixture from the machine (concrete pump) by a transport tube or hoses to the spraying jet.

The spraying effect is achieved by mixing the wet concrete mixture at the final stage of the transport and by its acceleration by air pressure. The acceleration can take place either directly in the spraying jet or in a mixing chamber where the liquid hardening agent is added.

Another possibility is the use of compressed air to transport the wet mixture from the concrete spraying machine (the working principle is similar to the wet shotcreting). The stream of concrete is mixed with the hardening agent in the spraying jet.

wet spray machine

Advantages of wet shotcreting

· Contrary to the dry method, the generation of dust is almost eradicated and the falling off of the material is significantly reduced to about 10%.

· It is also possible to adjust the water coefficient more efficiently and the quality of sprayed concrete is not affected as much by the service personnel as they are not required to adjust the water flow. 

wet shotcrete machine

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