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Why do you choose automatic arm robot concrete spraying machine ?

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automatic arm concrete spraying machine

Compared to the traditional manual work , Weibang Group designed and produced one of automatic arm robot Concrete spraying machine , it reduces the spraying cost and solve the safety of workers . what is more , the new type of automatic arm robot concrete spraying machine with big capacity have been used for the huge project .now ,it is very popular between the government and the engineering contractor .

Advantage of automatic arm robot Concrete spraying machine

2.1. The construction speed is fast, and the shotcrete can reach 10~25m cubed per hour.


2.2. The injection concrete has good adhesion and high density, with high control and high intensity

The concrete surface is smooth and dry.


2.3. The degree of mechanization is high, with fewer operators and lower labor intensity of operators.


2.4. The operating range is large, the maximum jet width can reach 30m, and the maximum jet height can reach 17m


2.5 injection rate is low, the rebound rate can be controlled within 15%.


2.6 the working environment is better and safer.

if you read the above information , you will clear about the reason ,but do you know how does it workers ? let me introduce it now

automatic arm concrete spraying machine.jpg

Main parts of the automatic arm concrete spraying machine  :

  1.  Rigid four-drive four-way chassis

2. Hydraulic drive cable and power cable

3. electric hydraulic power unit provides the power for the jet arm and the concrete pump

4. Hydraulic telescopic jet arm

5. Hydraulic piston type concrete jet pump

6. Variable frequency electric liquid additive metering pump

7. Liquid accelerator box (or auxiliary water tank)

8. High pressure cleaning water pump

9. Electric screw air compressor (optional)

10. Jet attachment

Working Principle

The cement, aggregate, water and additives are designed to fit according to the requirement

After mixing with a strong mixer,  Using the concrete transport truck delivery it to the inject pot and add it into the spraying machine ,the dense flow material will be delivery to the sprinkler head  With the computer fully automatic proportioning of the control liquid, accelerate ,and then been sprayed by the high compressor air .

autotic arm robot shotcrete machine.png

Are you interested in automatic arm concrete spraying machine ?
if your answer is yes ,please contact us freely , we will give you reply in 24 hours .thanks !

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