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Advantages and Disadvantages of Rotary Gunite Machine

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Advantages and disadvantages of rotary gunite machine

For a rotary gunite machine, the power supply is available with an electric motor, air motor, gas or diesel engine and hydraulics. The rotary gun is also available as a skidsteer work tool. The dry shotcrete process means that the material remains “dry” until it is properly hydrated at the nozzle. Best results occur if the material has 3 to 5 percent moisture when loaded into the hopper of the gunite machine. In order to accomplish this, preparation should be made to pre-dampen the material, if needed.

Advantages of rotary gun for dry shotcrete process:

· Precise control of material flow for low or high output

· Easy stop and start with no cleanup

· More forgiving to variations in aggregate size

Disadvantage of rotary gun for dry shotcrete:

· Generates more dust and waste, particularly if not properly hydrated

· Requires more compressed air to convey material

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