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Advantages and Features of Concrete Spraying Manipulator with Automotive Chassis

Views: 17     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-05-22      Origin: Site

You need to understand the differences of different shotcrete manipulators when you purchase a manipulator. Now we will introduce you advantages and features of concrete spraying manipulator with automotive chassis.

Main features of TXJS25Q shotcrete manipulator

1. Foton automotive chassis which facilitates its transport to and on site on the road

shotcrete machine with automotive chassis

2. Telescopic and folding spray arms with more freedom and small spray blind spot.

concrete spraying machine1

3. Cleaning pump and accelerator suction pump, easy to use

shotcrete machine with automotive chassis

4. Large space in front of hopper, convenient to clean concrete pump.

5. Open design allows easy assembly and disassembly of concrete hose.

shotcrete machine1

6. Easy to steer due to its smaller overall length than other manufacturers.

Common features with TXJS30 concrete spraying manipulator with engineering chassis

1. Reliable performance of concrete pump and good adaption to concrete

2. Dual-power design, work of spray arms, concrete pump and support legs can be driven by diesel engine in case of power failure.

3. Remote control and fault diagnosis can be realized by GPS. You can have real-time construction information on hand.  

4. Dependable electrical system and convenient control of wireless remote control.

5. Synchronous accelerator dosing system with accurate and adjustable dosage.

Customers may have difficulty in choosing a concrete spraying manipulator with automotive chassis and engineering chassis.Actually, there is no essential difference between the two. You should choose according to the construction site condition and practical situation. A suitable manipulator is the best choice.

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