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Project description:

The Shaowu No. 1 Tunnel was built by the CRCC 12 Bureau. The amount of engineering is relatively large. Weibang Equipment has established a good long-term cooperative relationship with the China Railway 12th Bureau ,because of its good working performance and industry reputation. During the construction, Weibang TXJS2515Q concrete manipulator also showed its strength again, assistant manger No.1 tunnel of Shaowu.

concrete manipulator

Engineering characteristics :

The interior of the tunnel is narrow,the air circulation is not smooth also. The dust during construction is easy to cause damage to the operators. The traditional mode of operation often causes the operators in the tunnel to fail to communicate face to face, resulting in relatively low work efficiency.


TXJS2515Q concrete manipulator can realize long-distance, high-height wet spraying field, double-layer retractable jet arm inside and outside, high jetting accuracy, wide spray range and small spray dead zone. The operator can remotely operate more than ten meters away, and there is no need to worry about the concrete that has been sprayed dropped onto the body, thus effectively ensuring construction safety. More importantly, the TXJS2515Q manipulator is a piston pumping system with a injection capacity of 4-30m3/h, which is more than three times more efficient than the rotor concrete jet machine, saving the construction side a lot of manpower and material resources and shortening the construction time. , advance construction progress.

concrete manipulator


The construction said: Weibang provie after-sales service is best, not only provide professional training for operators ,also help them master the skills. The advantage of making the rebound rate small is fully utilized, saving costs and creating more benefits for customers.


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