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CRCC16 undertook construction of BaiBei tunnel

Views: 21     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-04-20      Origin: Site

Project description:

With the continuous development of tunnel engineering in recent years, more and more tunnels are under construction. The CRCC 16 Bureau Group has also built the Baibei Tunnel. The selection of construction equipment for tunnels is very important, because choosing a good equipment can not only save. Operating costs, and operational efficiency will be greatly improved, so the China Railway 16th Bureau attaches great importance to equipment selection.


Engineering characteristics :

Since there are many manufacturers of robotic shotcrete used in tunnel construction, it is very difficult to chosen. After they visited our manufactory, they decided to choose the manipulator of the engineering vehicle chassis .


Henan Weibang is a manufacturer with high credibility. We choose the products they produce not only because the quality of the products is guaranteed, but more importantly, the after-sales service of Henan Weibang is also very good. Since the equipment was put into use, it appeared. The number of faults is also very small, the operation is also very simple and fast, the price of the equipment is more reasonable, which saves us a lot of investment costs and is a very reliable manufacturer.

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