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CTG undertake Wet shotcrete project of Shennong section tunnel of Taijiao Railway

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Project description:

The project is the Shennong Tunnel of the Taijiao Railway, which was built by China Railway Tunnel tunnel group. In order to carry out the construction of the project better, need wet concrete spraying machine for the construction engineering. After the project leader consulted a number of manufacturers, finally chosen our pumping wet concrete spraying machine.

wet concrete spraying machine

Engineering characteristics :

Shennong tunnel have 11.54 kilometers , max depth 327 meters. The geological conditions in the area are complex, and the geological areas along the goaf, harmful gases, karst, and collapse columns are widely distributed. Pumped wet shotcrete use PLC control delivery volume, saved costs.high pressure force Long conveying distance and high construction efficiency. Wet shotcrete make the construction area more tight and uniform.


The pump-type wet concrete spraying machine works very well. Since we started production, the chances of equipment failure are very little , the operation is very stable too. The important thing is wireless remote control, which is very simple to operate, thus reducing the labor intensity. saved us a lot of costs ,it is very worthwhile.

wet concrete spraying machine

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