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Grout pump operation manual

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Grout pump operation manual

Formal grouting work

1. Open grouting valve of mixer, and grout water for 1 minutes.

2. If the machine works normally, put two suction hoses into the slurry pool, start grouting

3. Put two suction hoses into clear water pool at once after grouting. Slurry in grout pump should be emptied to prevent the solidification of remaining slurry.

4. When working cylinder and suction and exhaust valve have been emptied and cleaned, take two suction hoses out of the clear water pool. Start the grout pump until the remaining slurry has been discharged completely, then shut off the power.

grout pump

Note for use
1. Put the grout pump at a fixed and flat position to avoid distortion of oil hose and suction hoses. The suction pipe should be shortened as far as possible, and the vertical distance should not exceed one meter.

2. Check and clean oil tank screen and oil filter regularly, replace hydraulic oil regularly, we suggest replacing once a month. No. 46 hydraulic oil is recommended in summer and no. 32 in winter. 45 kg of Hydraulic oil is need each time.

3. Water supply should be sufficient on working site.

4. Check hydraulic joints regularly and they shouldn’t be loose.

5. Operator should be experienced in grouting to ensure smooth operation.

6. Keep the electric control cabinet, electric motor and electric components clean and dry, ensure there is no electric leakage of each part

7. Move the grout pump carefully and don’t beat each part of grout pump at will.

grout pump

If you have any problem in operating grout pump, feel free to contact us.

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