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Grout Pumps Machine For Sale

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Grout Pumps Machine For Sale

Classification method of Grout pumps

Many customers don’t know clearly how to classify grout pump when they buy it. They may say they need grout pump or grout machine or cement grout pump or double liquid grout pump. Actually these names are used according to different classification methods, including application area, machine structure and grouting materials.

grout pump

According to machine structure: there are double liquid grout pump, single liquid grout pump, high pressure grout pump, single cylinder grout pump, double-cylinder and double-liquid grout pump, mechanical grout pump, hydraulic grout pump, electric grout pump, diesel grout pump.

cement grout pump

Grouting material

According to grouting liquid: cement grout pump, mortar grout pump, bentonite grout pump, refractory material grout pump, cement and mortar grout pump, mortar spray machine, fine stone concrete pump.

mortar grout pump

These are main types of grout pump, we are specialized in manufacturing grout pump of over 20 years. We provide you a wide range of grout pump. If you want to buy a grout pump, you can contact us.

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