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High Frequency Hot Melting Welder

Input power: 220V ±15P`Hz
Output power: 4000W adjustable
Welding diameter: 20-90 mm
Application: weld various thickness and are applicable for welding all thermal-fused material such as LDPE, PVC, HDPE, EVA, PP mateiral and so on;
  • WB-EWM10
  • Weibang Machinery

This series of welding machine is excellent in performance and easy operating, with high welding speed (only need 3-4 seconds for one piece material welding) and good work quality. It is extensively used in engineering projects such as expressways, tunnels, reservoirs, waterproof of construction and so on .   

It is suitable for PPV PVC/PEVA HDPE, such as tunnel waterproof board and het melt gasket(ring),etc. plastic

1, High frequency hot melt welder has more Higher welding strength than the ultrasonic welder.

2, Easy to operate, high welding speed and premium welding efficiency;

3, This welder used for common welding materials,with a wide range of application.

4, No damage to the base material.

5, The welding machine equipped with standard anti-drag wear-resistant and anti-breaking control line.

Input power:

 220V ±15P`Hz

Output power

 4000W adjustable

Maximum allowable supply current:  

< 4An 500C 7A)

Working environment temperature:

25-45 °C

Welding diameter:

 20-90 mm

Suitable for membrane:

 Special induction gasket,iron aluminum mesh,

induction gasket

Safety standard:

GB 115578-1996

Shell protection grade:




Shape size:


Riverting, welding and posioning of the thermoplastic products, such as waterproof board and hot-melt sheet(ring),etc.

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