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How to Chose a Right Shotcrete Machine for Your Job

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Application of shotcrete

Dubbed by many in the industry as the most technically advanced means of placing concrete, shotcrete has been used on countless applications in the civil, mortar and underground industries over the past century, including:

· Repair and restoration of bridges, parking garages, dams and reservoirs, seismic retrofits, sewers and marine structures.

· Ground stabilization.

· Soil nailing.

· Tunneling.

· Mining.

· New construction for foundations, tanks and domes.

· Architectural landscaping, such as zoos.

· Specialty applications.

Some equipment is only used for wet-process, such as Robotic Shotcrete System & Concrete Pump Sprayer TXJS3017G manufactured by Weibang company, some is for both wet-process and and dry-process, such as SSP series concrete spraying machine.

There are many different pieces of equipment in the industry today that can be used on a variety of your shotcrete jobs; the trick is to first understand what is needed from your job, then determine what is needed out of your equipment that will be placing the shotcrete. From there, you can choose the equipment that is the best fit for your application.

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