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How to Deduce Dust Exposure When Using Shotcrete Machines

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During shotcreting especially dry-mix or damp-mix shotcreting, it is unavoidable to generate dust. So dust generation may seem to be part and parcel of any construction job and nothing to worry about but long-time exposure and inhalation of dust can lead to damaging health effects especially when working in tunnels and mining jobs.

Fistly, we can take into consideration of factors that cause excess dust and how we can avoid or reduce them. Take for instance, the process of building tunnels. Tunneling excavation and support. It requires going through a series of steps that generate huge amounts of dust: drilling, namely: blasting, crushing, extracting and shotcrete.

While the first four processes have to control the dust generated and remove it from the atmosphere through special ventilation, water sprays (water mist dust suppression cannons)and dust collectors, shotcrete placement doesn’t.  However, hiring a shotcrete crew that is experienced in working underground will minimize dust generation because they will know how to control it at the source.

How to protect your shotcrete crew:
1. Prevent dust from being released in the air by using water or vacuums at the source.
2. When water and vacuums are not available use a respirator.
3. Replace sand with aluminum oxide for blasting.
4. Use wet shotcrete machines.
5. Avoid eating, drinking and smoking in dusty area to reduce, wash face and hands first.
6. Use disposable clothing or wash work clothes at the work site.
7. Shower and change into clean clothes before leaving the job site to avoid contamination.
8. Do a periodic lung screening.

With over 20 years of experience in the tunnel industry, we know the importance of safety at work. We also know that using the right shotcrete machine for the job means even greater safety, better results and more savings in the long run. So if you are looking for a great deal on shotcrete machines or mortar grout pumps, give us a call at +86-155 1589 8077 or send an email to

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