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How to maintain shotcrete machines effectively?

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 With the growth of shotcrete sprayer users, customers will inevitably encounter some problems in using wet spray machines. Weibang will give you some suggestion on some frequent problems.
1.  How often the lubricant inside the wet sprayer needs to be replaced?
      you should examine the hydraulic oil level and oil quality. The oil should be bright yellow and there is no emulsification or dirty. Otherwise, you should replace lubricating timely to avoid damaging the machine.
2 how to adjust the shotcrete machine in case of unstable operating speed?
  First examine the voltage to make sure it is stable. Then examine the lubrication system to make sure that indicating arm of progressive allocator sways back and forth, and then check if there is leakage of lubricating oil on bearings of S tube oscillating arm and mixing shaft; and then adjust distribution valve steering and make sure mixing part  operates normally. If the pressure of the sprayer is small and the  shotcrete effect is not ideal, you should check whether the hydraulic system has oil leakage and oil seepage. Finally, check all the threaded connections of the wet sprayer to ensure that no loosening occurs.

With the widely application of shotcrete machines in projects of tunnels,  the robotic shotcrete machine developed by Weibang has achieved recognition of customers. Now we have received a lot of orders. The recognition of customers is our greatest motivation. We will constantly innovate and manufacture high-quality shotcrete machines in the future and set up a model of independent research and development.


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