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Main Structure of Wet Mix Concrete Spraying Shotcrete Machine

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Main Structure of  Wet Mix Concrete Spraying Shotcrete Machine

HS700 wet mix concrete spraying shotcrete machine consists of feeding system, convey system, air piping system, accelerator dosing system, transmission system, wheels and electrical system. The overall layout is shown below.

700internal structure

1.Feeding System: it consists of hopper, hopper seat, air vibrator or motor vibrator, cam, rotors, piston rod, steel linear plate, sealing rubber plate and other parts.Working principle of the feeding mechanism is shown in the following picture: pistons in material chamber of the rotors are connect with cam through piston rod and roller.During the rotation of the rotor, pistons will move up and down in the rotor material chamber by the mechanism.when pistons of the three material chamber over against the hopper are in the downward process, concrete will be pushed into rotor material chamber under the joint action of the hopper air vibrator or the motor vibration and negative pressure.Pistons of the three material chambers facing the air-materials mixing bin are in the upward process,concrete in the material chamber is forcibly fed into air-materials mixing bin.One rotation of rotor completes a cycle of materials discharge and feeding.Mixture of compressed air concrete in air-materials mixing bin produces thin stream which will be sprayed through spraying hoses.At the same time, accelerator system of this machine also works. Accelerator sprayed by dosing pump through accelerator hoses will be mixed with concrete stream.  

internal structure700

2.Conveying system: it consists of air-materials mixing bin,reducer pipe, quick coupling, concrete spraying hose and spraying nozzle.

3.Air piping system: Concrete convey and spray is forced by compressed. This system consists of main air valve, extra-air valve, adapting pieces, electric- contact pressure gauges, pipes and other parts. Main air valve controls high-pressure air flow and adjusts air flow with concrete spraying output. In case of blocking in hose, electric- contact pressure gauges make power off to protect the machine.

4.Transmission system: it consists of main motor, reducer, output shaft and provides power for rotor rotation.

5.Carrier: diameter of front wheel is 350, rear wheel is 500. Other specification can be upon customer’s need. 

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