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Maintenance of Shotcrete Machines(3)

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Dry-Mix Shotcrete Checklist

1. Material hose fittings

2. Screws to fasten the fittings to the hose

3. Water-hose gaskets

4. Water hose repair ends

5. Bull hose whip checks

6. Two in. (50 mm) hose gaskets if you have the four-prong air fitting

7. Hose bands

8. Nozzle tips

9. Water rings

10.Nozzle body backup washers

11.Needle valves for the nozzle

12.Nozzle body backup

13. Rubber wear pads for the gun

14.Bowl or barrel wear steel plates

15.Goose neck liners

16.Conical spout liners (barrel-type rotary gun)

17.Spare nuts and bolts for the guns

18.Hand tools to repair hoses and tighten leaks

19. Air motor oil

20. Spare parts for the water trap and oiler on the gun Shotcrete

Material hoses are items that are sometimes overlooked. Hoses should be checked on a daily basis for weak spots, loose fittings (dry-mix), excess wear on the outside of the hose, and hose clamps/gaskets (wet- and dry-mix). On dry-mix shotcrete jobs that have shooting on a daily basis without moving, you should check and rotate the hose. This will reduce excess wear on the inside of the hose if there are any bends in the hose. Even tying the hose off to scaffolding or a man lift will cause unusual wear on the inside of the hose. Wet-mix shotcrete hose needs to be looked at a couple of different ways. One should inspect the pressed-on ends daily.

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