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Maintenance of Shotcrete Machines

Views: 24     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-07-02      Origin: Site

This article touches on both wet- and dry-mix shotcrete equipment maintenance that is not typically in the owner’s manual.

Equipment manuals for the dry- and wet-mix machines have a section on maintenance that tells you what to grease and check on a daily basis. Wet-mix shotcrete pump manuals will have a section onoil and filter changes needed at designated running hours. For the most part, routine maintenance upkeep is usually followed on a daily basis by most shotcrete crews.

For dry-mix guns, the operator should look for any unusual wear on the bowl or barrel steel and friction seal (rubber pads) during clean-up. These signs can indicate that the clamping system may have been too tight during operation, the bowl needs to shimmed, or the barrel may be slightly off-center. Any excess blow by of material between the pads and steel while in operation will cause damage that will be costly to repair.

A few areas of interest should be taken into account while you are applying wet-mix shotcrete. Pumps need to be checked daily for any leaks between the swing tube and cutting plate, excess cement paste in the wash box, and fitting leaks from everyday vibration. These items are usually found in the troubleshooting portion of the manual rather than in the maintenance section. In any case, these checks should be part of a daily check-off list prior to shooting. Taking the extra time to ensure that your machines are running properly will save you hours of downtime and money.

One aspect that some shotcrete crews fail to address properly is having extra spare parts and wear items on the job.

The lists which will be shown in next article are items that routinely create the most delays or job shut-downs. These lists are for contractors who are just getting into the business as well as reminders to those who are experienced. Most of these items listed are relatively inexpensive replacement items, but when you have to shut down a job for any length of time while waiting for a missing part, it becomes very costly. If your work area is more than 5 min away from the truck, trailer, gang box, or parts bin, it’s good practice to have a few of these repair items near the gun or pump for a quick fix and minimal downtime.

Checklist for wet-mix shotcrete equipment, such as Trailer Mounted Concrete Spraying Sprayer & Shotcrete Machine HBT-12D

To be continued....

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