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Robotic Shotcrete Machine, a strong helper for your project

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In order to meet the needs of market, Weibang company makes an improvement based on the original robotic shotcrete machine and international advanced technology. The new generation of robotic shotcrete machine has enjoyed good reputation in our customers. Now we will make a detailed introduction about this machine:

Application of robotic shotcrete machine

It is widely used in large cross-section tunnel excavation and support, slope stabilization and excavtion support, mining, tunneling. Different model can meet different work requirements.

robotic shotcrete machine

Main performance features of robotic shotcrete machine

1, The fully hydraulic telescopic and collapsible intelligent spray arms are suitable for the long-distance and high altitude wet spraying site.

2, Double telescopic spraying arms, inter arm and outer arm. Big arm and small arm have the function of automatic parallel, which makes it easy to operate.

3, Intelligent spraying operation, high accuracy, wide spraying range, and small spraying blind zone .

4, Accelerator dosing system controlled by the frequency converter ensures wide rate of accelerator dosage and low rebound.

5, Piston pumping system , spraying capacity of 4-30m³/h, the working efficiency is three times higher than the rotor-type spraying machine.

6, Four-wheel drive, two-way driving, four-wheel steering.

7, Imported wireless remote control makes it possible to easily adjust pumping speed, boom movement and accelerator ratio timely in long-distance, which improves working environment of workers.

8, Compact structure and small turning radius enable the manipulator to be turned around even where there is little room for maneuvering;

9, Double power pumping system, electric driving or diesel engine driving are alternative for spraying works.

robotic shotcrete machine (2)

Price of robotic shotcrete machine

Robotic shotcrete machine has advantages both at application scope, performance and prices. Robotic shotcrete machines have several models with different prices, welcome to inquiry on line.

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