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If you have double work efficiency, will you worry about time Limit for a project

Views: 11     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-08-06      Origin: Site

Our company specializes in the concrete industry and leads the world in terms of shotcrete technology and research.  Robotic shotcrete machine of our company has been upgraded in performance, quality and appearance. In the first half of this year, it has been sold throughout the country.

Today we will talk about the topic of“double”. The following models of shotcrete machine can produce double work efficiency: 

Truck-mounted Shotcrete Machine SPCII with Double Spraying Heads is divided into standard configuration and high configuration and is mainly used in mine support, concrete repair, tunnel construction, slope stabilization, water conservancy and hydropower engineerings and other construction sites.

shotcrete machine with double spraying heads

1. Performance features

Special automotive chassis, easy access to its parts, easy maintenance, good maneuverability, high driving comfort, a strong gradeability of 22 degrees.

motor and diesel power. In case of power failure, cleaning can be completed by diesel engine avoiding machine crash.

2. Pumping system with reliable performance allows a maximum capacity of 25m³/h. Standard straight and elbow hoses are used from outlet to spray nozzle. Discharge five-way and three-way are equipped. Three-way is for alternative when single nozzle spraying is needed.

Triple hydraulic oil pump and famous brand valves contribute to system stability. Two dosing pumps give accurate and adjustable dosage. Accelerator sucking pump replenishes accelerator to reduce labor.

3. High-pressure cleaner cleans the equipment as soon as the end of spraying.

4. Electrical system with overvoltage and low voltage protection for emergency shutdown. 

5. Spray data input and recorded on LCD can be sent to computer to report real-time information.

6. 100 meters cable equipped can be hauled by hydraulic motor.

In addition to SPC series, we also have other models with double work efficiency and we will introduce in the next article.

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