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  • hydraulic pump concrete wet spray machine price

    Introduction to hydraulic pumping wet jet machine

  • Dust-Type Dry Spray Machine

    In response to the transformation of construction requirements in some developing countries, we have introduced SGP7C series dust-removing concrete jets, which are used for dry spray, tidal spray and wet spray concrete. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, stable performance, convenie

  • Application and operation of concrete shotcrete machine

    Concrete shotcrete mainly uses compressed air to continuously transport concrete through the material chamber along the conveying pipeline.And spray the spray equipment to the construction surface.Concrete shotcrete are mainly divided into two types: dry concrete shotcrete and wet concrete shotcrete

  • Weibang Grouting Machine's Type And Price

    weibang grouting machine's type and price

  • Charging! Come on! 2019, set sail!

    New Year's Day,Jiaozuo Taixin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The fifth phase of management innovation training class and 2019 sales work conference was held in Yingbin Hotel.

  • Automatic spraying machine operation guide

    Section 1 Installation of sprayerAfter the sprayer package is disassembled, the assembly is started. The transition screw and the conveying screw are first connected to form a continuous rotation direction, and then the rubber sleeve rear gland is connected with the silo port, and the rod hole is in

  • Shanghai Bauma Exhibition,Came To A Successful End-On November 30

    After more than 700 days’planning and 40 days’ arrangement, Shanghai Bauma Exhibition began on On November 27, 2018. 3,000 exhibitors from 38 countries and regions gather in Shanghai to attend the event.

  • Congratulations!Weibang TXJS 2515 shotcrete robot has been sold at Shanghai Bauma Exhibition

    Today is the third day of Shanghai Bauma Exhibition,Good news continuously come from the exhibition.After introduction on our products, some customers placed an order at once. Some medium machines, such as automatic mortar pump, wet shotcrete machine HS700 were sold out. Small machines such as Geome

  • TXJS2515 shotcrete robot at Shanghai Bauma Exhibition

    November 27 is the first day of participating in the Shanghai Bauma Exhibition. The biennial Shanghai Bauma Exhibition is crowded with businessmen from home and abroad as well as from all over the world. Businessmen and buyers at the exhibition had a very enthusiastic atmosphere of discussion.

  • Customers from Nigeria visit our company

    Customers from Nigeria visit our company Weibang company received our distinguished guests from Nigeria on On November 25, 2018. Accompanied by our production manager Mr. Liu and sales manager Mr Lv, they visited our factory.In production workshop, Mr. Liu made an detailed introduction about the who

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