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Widest Selection of Shotcreting and Grouting Equipment

Views: 12     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-08-08      Origin: Site

In last article we have introduced SPC with double spraying heads. Besides this model, we also have other models which have double work efficiency for customers to choose, such as Truck-mounted Shotcrete Machine with Automatic Feeding System HS700*2 and ZLP series dry shotcrete machine.


shotcrete machine 700

Truck-mounted Shotcrete Machine with Automatic Feeding System HS700*2

It is a new pattern of concrete spraying machine with our own intellectual-property rights. It is a required equipment in slope stabilization, excavation support, rock support, tunneling and mining.

It consists of concrete spraying system, carrier, frame device, feeding system, hydraulic system, accelerating dosing system, electrical control system and high pressure cleaning system. It has three main features as follows:

1, Two HS600/700 wet spraying machines are installed the rear of a standard truck, easy to move and operate ;

2, High-power and adjustable screw conveying device automatically distributes mixed concrete to these two concrete spraying machines. It is convenient, reliable and cost-effective ;

3,The truck is equipped with an accelerator tank, water tank, high pressure washing pump and a set of hydraulic system. Two concrete spraying machines can be freely raised and lowered through hydraulic system of the truck.

dry shotcrete machine

Truck-mounted Dry Shotcrete Machine with Automatic Feeding System ZLP Series

With independent intellectual property right, ZLP series are specially designed by our company based on actual work experiences to improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, improve material utilization.

1, As one advanced dry-mix shotcrete machine, ZLP consists of spraying system, carrier, automatic feeding system, intelligently accelerator dosing system, which avoids the disadvantages of manual feeding in traditional shotcrete work.

2, Automatic spraying and feeding thoroughly avoids damage caused by dust-exposure during shotcrete.

3, Low rebound, excellent spraying effect and high work efficiency make it a required and universal machine in an greatly improve the shotcrete speed and work efficiency excavation support of tunneling.

Feedback of these two models is very good. To meet our customers’ needs is our eternal pursuit. We have wide selection of shotcreting and grouting equipment.

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