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Small shotcrete machine may solve your big problem

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Small shotcrete machine with concrete output capacity 7 m³/h solve your big problem

With the development of tunnel, culvert, underground engineering, coal mine roadway, water conservancy and hydropower projects, there is large demand for shotcrete machines. Shotcrete machine is featured with less dust pollution, low rebound, and good spraying effect. Small shotcrete machine with output capacity of 7m³/h is designed for small and medium tunnel projects.  This article will introduce you about the prices and models.

Shotcrete machine with output capacity 7m³/h include two models, HS-700 and SSP-7 wet and dry-mix concrete spraying machine.

wet shotcrete machine

As star product, HS700 has enjoyed a great reputation from our customers. The following features contribute to its popularity.

1, Forced feeding by the piston completely avoiding material sticking in rotor material chambers, high adaptation to the concrete(regardless of highly viscous concrete or fiber concrete).

2, Synchronously radial feeding of three material chambers leads to rarefied flow, flowing continuity, no plugging, small recoil force of spray nozzle, low rebound, smooth spraying surface.

3, Liquid accelerator system allows accurate dosing and uniform mixing.

SSP7 is a universal equipment both for wet and dry shotcrete application. Its main features are as follows:

1, Accelerator dosing system is designed to convey accelerator independently while accelerator dosage can be accurately measured and adjusted freely by dosing pump.

2, Special rubber lining on hydrocyclones can vibrate under air pressure so that concrete will not stick to chamber. Smooth inner of chamber facilitates concrete conveying.

3, Stable performance, easy operation, low energy consumption, long service life, good spraying effect and environment friendly.

ssp wet and dry shotcrete machine

 Weibang company has specialized in manufacture of shotcrete machine for many years and has rich experiences in research and design. We have a number of highly qualified scientific and technical personnel. This research group is a strong support to high-quality products that meet market needs. Our products have been exported to southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America. We are looking forward our customers to visit our factory for field trip.


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