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Introduction on prices and models of small grout pump

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Introduction on prices and models of small grout pump

With the development of construction of highway, dams, slopes, reservoirs and watercourse, there is a large need for grout pumps. Subject to different construction situations, contractors should select suitable grout pump and model. For small grouting projects, small grout pump can meet the needs. How to select a grout pump for your projects? Both prices and models should be taken into consideration. 


                                                                                                 Wide application of grout pump

Main models according to working principles

1.Piston-type mortar grout pump

2.Screw-type mortar grout pump

3. Hydraulic grout pump

4. Squeeze grout pump

screw grout pump11

                                                                                                                  Different Models of grout pump

Different models have different working capacity and have different requirement for materials. We have a wide selection of grout pumps, if you have any problems in selecting grout pump models, feel free to contact us. We will provide you professional advise.

High price and low price?

There is no doubt that price is a major concern for contractor.  Please do not go for the cheapest price blindly , the prices will always adequate to the quality of the grout pumps. A grout pump with low price seems to save you money. High failure rate during working will lead to time waste and high maintenance costs. So cost-effective grout pump is what you need.  We need factory direct grout pump and to cutout the middleman. Henan weibang company has our own factory. Supply and prices can be guaranteed. We welcome customers to visit our factory and have a comprehensive survey on our production line. We believe Weibang will be your best choice.



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