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Choose a most cost-efficient concrete spraying machine for your project

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Calculate the total shotcrete operating cost

To calculate the total operating cost, take into account the following:

· Equipment start-up cost  

· Operator training cost

· Labor cost 

· Spare parts cost according to hours of operation

· Working hours for clean-up of rebound

· Power consumption

· Fuel and lubricants cost

· Optional costs:

· Scaffolding

· Telescopic elevation platforms

· Air compressors

· Concrete transport


Let´s have a look at some examples:

Labor cost: One mechanized spraying system does the equivalent work of various machines for manual spraying and can be managed by fewer operators, as it requires less physical strength. Therefore the savings in labor costs are evident:

Spare parts: As manual spraying requires more machines, the consumption of spare parts will also be higher. The dry-mix method is more abrasive, so the wear parts suffer more.

In our example, the spare parts savings with mechanized spraying equipment  amount to 54 % in comparison to manual dry-mix spraying, and 44 % in comparison to manual wet-mix spraying.

Clean-up of rebound:  The higher the rebound, the longer it takes to clean it up:


When is it profitable to invest in mechanized concrete spraying equipment?

Although the acquisition of a mechanized shotcrete machine supposes a higher initial cost, it can be observed that from a certain volume of shotcrete on it is the most cost-efficient method due to the lower cost per cubic meter.

Would you like to know what is the best option for your project? We can provide you with best solution for your project, please contact us.


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