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Robotic Shotcrete Pump heart

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Our company's Robotic Shotcrete Pump are all engines powered by Weichai.Weichai Power Engine is the most conquering product in the three major vehicle industry chains of domestic trucks, buses and construction machinery.User recognition is huge, in the field of heavy commercial vehicles, maintaining sales and share leadership for many years.Performance stability is superior to other engines,Mainly reflected in the following aspects:Low fuel consumption;Power strong;Advanced engine technology;Adapt to various working conditions.

Robotic Shotcrete Pump heart


Our Robotic Shotcrete Pump uses a 92 kW weichai engine.The engine powers the movement of the chassis.Vehicles can move freely in complex terrain.And can power the whole vehicle without external power supply.This can effectively protect the operation of the equipment.Can stretch the Robotic,Cleaning pump.

Robotic Shotcrete Pump heart

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