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Quality first, Credit development, Eternal service ------ Weibang Machinery Quality Miles

Views: 30     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-09-13      Origin: Site

In middle of Summer,the heat is unbearable, but our most beautiful engineerings are still wroking overhead, sweating as rain, adhere to the construction site. Weibang Machinery is committed to ensuring the construction progress of our customers, improve customer satisfaction and improve the company's service system.

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Recently, the joint after-sales service team consisting of the company's technology research and development department, after-sales service department and marketing center of  our company has been driving for nearly 100 hours, with a journey of thousands of kilometers. Opened the curtain of "Weibang Machinery Quality Miles" .

Weibang Company always adheres to the service concept of “Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit” to meet the needs of customers and provide value-added services for our customers as our responsibility. Change passive after-sales service for active service, quick response, and rqpid execution.

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The purpose of quality Miles:
1. Implement and improve the file management of the company's “one machine,one file”guarantee each sold machine has fully archives management ;
2. Check the actual use status of the equipment on site to eliminate potential hidden dangers during equipment construction;
3. Consult customers for problems and suggestions in use, and provide complete solutions to our customer in their using;
4. Improve customer satisfaction and complete the entire after-sales service process.

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Finally, I wish "weibang machinery's quality miles" activities will be a complete success.

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