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Shotcrete Spraying Construction

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1. Construction process

2. Construction machine: The concrete jet machine mainly adopts domestic PZ-7, the single machine production capacity is 7m3/h, and it is equipped with JZC350 self-dropping mixer and 20m3/min electric air compressor.

3. Shotcrete mix ratio: water: cement: sand: stone: quick-setting agent = 180:432:990:810:18.8

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4. Spray construction control points:

    ①spraying sequence: layering from bottom to top, the layering width is generally 1.5-2.0m, the nozzle is uniformly moved between layers with a spiral diameter of 100-200cm, and the moving speed is appropriately adjusted according to the spraying effect.

②Spraying direction: The nozzle is generally perpendicular to the surface to be sprayed and inclined slightly downward to reduce the rebound of the aggregate.

③ Injection distance: The nozzle is generally 0.8-1.0m away from the spray surface, which can effectively control the rebound and ensure a certain compactness of the shotcrete.

④ Wind pressure control: The pressure gauge reading is controlled at about 0.5Mpa and remains relatively stable. It can ensure the smoothness of the conveying pipe, and the aggregate can reach the required injection rate at the nozzle.

⑤Water control: According to the experience of the jet hand, the amount of water added is judged. The amount of water added is suitable when the surface of the sprayed concrete is sticky, the surface is flat, the amount of water is lustrous, and the aggregate distribution is uniform.

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