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What’s the difference of SJB mortar grouting machine and mortar spraying machine ?

Views: 32     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-10-07      Origin: Site

Recently lot of visitors browse our SJB mortar grouting machine , but after talking with them , they said they want spraying machine . mortor grouting pump & mortar spraying pump all called mortar pump in other country , in fact , it’s totally different machine. today i explain the difference of mortar grouting & mortar spraying ?

1.different configure, please look at the detail of product shown :

 sjb grout pump  

2. Material proportioning & size different, SJB mortar grouting machine is 1:1 , the grain size in 2mm; mortar spraying machine is 1:3  , the grain size in 3mm.  

3.Work capacity is different ,SJB grouting machine can grouting mortar 2000-4500L/hour , but the mortar spraying machine only can spraying300-500L/hour.  

4.Different delivery distance,SJB grouting machine’s level transmission distance is 40meters, vertical transmission distance is 30 meters; mortar spraying machine’s level transmission distance is 25meters , vertical transmission is 15 meters.

5.Different hose, SJB mortar grouting machine use 38mm; mortar spraying machine use 25mm or 32mm, need 1 piece air pipe also.

6.Different nozzle, normally when client need SJB mortar grouting machine, we will according to the engineering situation to recommend him choose,mortar spraying machine have 6 pieces of nozzle for client chosen, 3 fan-shaped , 3 circle.    

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