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The definition and elements of a Shotcrete machine

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The definition and elements of a Shotcrete machine

There are different types of machinery that are used inside the underground mines or galleries to work. Shotcrete machine which are manufactured to help project concrete into the walls of the galleries are very important among the various underground mining equipment. The shotcrete machine ensures there is no rockfall in galleries.  

wet shotcrete machine HS700

To define a shotcrete machine we can say that it is a machine designed to be able to access to any point of the work. A mechanical hydraulic drive arm helps project the gunite at the desired point and an any type of surface at high pressure. Shotcrete machine always works along with a concrete pump that is normmally fed from a concrete mixer truck.

concrete spraying machine

A shotcrete machine generally consists of vibrator in the hopper, multi-articulated arm, four hydraulic support legs, electric control panel, oil tank with filters and radiator, dual system. All arm and pump movements can be performed by both the electric motor and the diesel engine. Robotic arm with two hydraulic extensions, hydraulic cylinders protected inside the tubes for durability and easy maintenance. Equipped with an electric motor of 5.5Kw for the drive of the hydraulic gear pump that supplies the necessary flow for its operation. 

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