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Hydraulic wet spray machine working principle

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First, the working principle of hydraulic wet spray machine

Hydraulic wet spray machine mixes cement, water and aggregate in a designed proportion,Press the wet spray machine to the nozzle,Then, a quick-setting agent is added to the nozzle and combined with the wind, and then ejected.

Second, the hydraulic wet spray machine concrete ratio

The concrete proportioning principle is generally 2350kg per cubic meter of concrete(Process requirements, the actual actual 1650kg, of which sand, stone, water 1300kg, cement 350kg).The ratio of cement, stone and sand in concrete is 1:1.5:2.25.Water-cement ratio is 0.44(The amount of water added per cubic meter of concrete is 200kg).

Third, hydraulic wet spray machine accessories added

In order to ensure the performance of concrete, it is necessary to add hydration control agent, water reducer and quick-setting agent to the concrete.

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