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Novice wet sprayer operation specification

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Prepare before starting:

1. Check whether the line connection of the electronic control system is reliable, whether the body is firmly grounded, and whether there is leakage. The water supply switch valve is determined, and the clean water switch valve is in the off position, and the water supply pipe joint is connected with the water source. Check if the lubricant in the main gearbox and metering pump transmission box is sufficient.

2. Determine the main road of the pneumatic conveying system, the manual stop valve, the manual cut-off valve of each sub-winding line in the off-direction, and the main air duct to connect the pressure source.

3. Connect the transport tube and the quick-setting agent transport tube to the nozzle and the body.

4. Determine the flow rate of the metering pump.

5. Set the motor steering.

6. Adjust the pressing equipment. It is advisable to check that there is no gas leakage at the joint surface of the upper and lower sealing plates.

7. Check the quick-setting agent delivery system and conclude that there is no blockage in the delivery line of the accelerator.

8. Determine the quick-setting agent supply switch valve in the off position, and fill the quick-setting agent tank with liquid quick-setting agent.

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Work procedure:

1. Start-up operation: After the preparation work is completed, the wind-driven transport system opens the main wind road, the advantage road, the inferior road, and the auxiliary wind-way manual stop valve. The quick-setting agent transport system closes the water supply switch valve, cleans the water switch valve, and opens the quick-setting agent supply switch valve. The electronic control system closes the main switch DK, controls the power switch DYK, the main motor air switch 1DK, sequentially starts the metering pump motor, the oscillating motor, the main motor, and then participates in the mixing material into the hopper, and the device enters the normal working state.

2. Shutdown operation: Before stopping the injection, the feeding should be suspended first, and there is no material stored in the hopper. When no flow is injected at the nozzle, the sprayer will disengage the nozzle from the spray surface, and the operator turns off the accelerator supply switch. Valve, open feed water switch valve, clean water switch valve. The refrigerant delivery line, the hopper and the residue in the rotor chamber are then cleaned. After cleaning, first shut down the main motor and the water supply switch valve. When no liquid is sprayed out at the nozzle, turn off the metering pump motor, close the clean water switch valve, block the main air path, and protect the machine according to the protection and maintenance methods. In the course of operation, if there is a high-level abnormal scene caused by the blockage of the pipe, the power supply should be closed in time, and the fault can be used continuously. Pay close attention to the accelerator solution tank during operation Bit indication. When the liquid level reaches the lower limit, the accelerator should be added immediately. Usually it needs to be added every hour.

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