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The difference between dry shotcrete and wet shotcrete in concrete shotcrete

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The shotcrete machine mainly transports concrete to the nozzle of the robot through the concrete pump through the pipeline,Spraying concrete onto the wall of the roadway to be sprayed by means of a compressed air set with a accelerator,Widely used in tunnels, culverts, engineering buildings, mines, subways, hydropower projects, underground engineering and coal-fired high-altitude mine roadway shotcrete construction operations;In various greening constructions, soil transportation and injection have a high comprehensive utilization rate.

dry shotcrete

The shotcrete machine has two types: dry type shotcrete machine and wet type shotcrete machine,Many customers will ask the difference between these two devices when purchasing equipment,So what is the difference between a dry shotcrete and a wet shotcrete in a concrete shotcrete?We mainly introduce the following aspects from the following aspects:

1、Dry shotcrete machine and wet shotcrete spray mode are different

The dry shotcrete adds dry cement or concrete aggregate to the hopper,When spraying, water needs to be added at the joint of the machine nozzle,This will ensure the spray effect of the shotcrete machine,but, it will produce more dust and is more harmful to workers.

The wet sprayer is a uniform mixing of cement or concrete aggregates through water,It does not produce dust, which is less harmful to workers' bodies, guarantees the working environment and saves materials.

wet shotcrete

2、The difference between safety and operation of dry spray gun and wet spray gun

The dry shotcrete produces a large amount of dust when spraying, which is relatively polluting to the environment,It is also harmful to the construction workers.

The slurry of the wet sprayer is mixed well in advance,Does not take up a lot of manpower,not produce dust,It is less harmful to the environment and workers.

wet and dry shotcrete

3、Dry shotcrete and wet shotcrete have different rebound rate and cohesiveness

Dry shotcrete has a higher rebound rate,will also cause a little poor cohesiveness.

The rebound rate of the wet spray machine is relatively small.

4、Dry sprayer and wet sprayer have different conveying distance and wind pressure

Dry sprayer can transport more than 200 meters.

The slurry sprayed by the wet sprayer is a well-stirred wet slurry which is slightly weaker in the transport distance.

dry shotcrete

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