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What are the types of grouting machines ?

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Our company produces a wide variety of grouting machines, such as two-liquid grouting machine, squeeze grouting machine, spiral grouting machine, piston grouting machine, etc.; the grouting machine and the shotcrete machine are all similar. For example, it is applicable to tunnels, highways, railways, subways, coal mine shafts, etc. To put it bluntly, the shotcrete machine is “sprayed” upwards, and the grouting machine is “noted” down. Next, let's focus on what models are available for grouting?

1. Double liquid grouting machine

The two-fluid grouting machine is a special equipment that uses equipment pressure to grout the easily solidified material into the cavity of rock or soil. The purpose of reducing leakage and consolidating rock formations; the grouting machine is composed of an electric motor, a gear oil pump, a relief valve, a hydraulic reversing valve block, a cylinder, a working cylinder, a mixer, a radiator, an oil filter, an inlet and outlet valve It is composed of components such as an electric control box. Since the cylinder and the working cylinder are synchronously moved, and the cylinder stroke of the working cylinder is the same as that of the cylinder, the displacement and pressure of the working cylinder are substantially similar to those of the cylinder, and each end of the working cylinder has a set of suction valve and a discharge valve. That is, the same slurry can be sucked and discharged, or two different kinds of slurry can be separately sucked.

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2, squeeze grouting machine

The extrusion type grouting machine has novel structure, simple and compact structure. The main body adopts cycloidal pin wheel reducer and motor, which is safe, reliable, convenient, easy to maintain, high pressure and high efficiency. In detail, the squeeze grouting pump is composed of a roller, a wheel frame, a squeeze hose, a reset guide wheel, a pump body, a transmission 

device and the like. The rotating wheel frame drives the roller to crush the rubber tube mounted on the inner wall of the pump body, and squeezes and presses the mortar in the tube. The squeezed rubber tube is restored by its own elasticity and the reset guide wheel, so that the inside of the rubber tube is partially Vacuum and inhale new mortar.

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3, spiral grouting machine

The screw grouting machine is also called mortar pump. The grouting machine adopts worm boosting technology, featuring high pressure, high sand-ash ratio, high consistency and large flow rate. The structure is simple and compact, and the reliability is high. SJBI type self-mixing The system can realize the work of stirring and grouting at the same time; the range of water-cement ratio of grouting can be large, especially the thick slurry with high concentration design requirement; the grouting can be continuously grouted, avoiding the excessive instantaneous pulsating pressure of the piston pump; The machine and the spray gun can be used for spraying the inner and outer walls and the overcoat.

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4, piston grouting machine

During the reciprocating movement of the piston, the piston grouting pump closes the outlet check gate under the action of its own weight and differential pressure, and the inlet check valve opens under the pressure difference. Drain the liquid into the pump chamber. When the piston is opened inward, the pressure in the pump chamber rises, causing the inlet check valve to close, and the outlet check valve opening to press the liquid into the outlet pipe. The mortar pump also has a small size and light weight.

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The above is the type of grouting machine of our company. Please contact us for specific parameters and prices.

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