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wet spray machine suppliers

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The slope protection wet spray machine is a construction equipment widely used in the fields of slope protection and municipal engineering. It uses compressed air to mix a certain proportion of the mixture through the pipeline and quickly sprays it onto the sprayed surface to form a concrete support layer. In recent years, the slope protection wet spray machine has a simple process and a unique effect. The cost of the economy and its wide range of uses are unique in the field of slope protection.

wet spraying machine

According to the amount of slope protection engineering, our company has three slope protection wet spray machines, namely: TXJS series, pumping type and piston type.

The main features of the TXJS slope protection wet spray machine series:

 1. The working efficiency per hour is 25-30 cubic meters;

2, four-wheel drive, two-way driving, four-wheel steering;

3, the use of imported wireless remote control, remote control of all spray action, the allocation of additives at any time to improve the working environment;

4. The whole machine has compact structure and small turning radius, which is suitable for sites with limited construction space;

5, dual power pumping system, pumping operation can choose electric drive or diesel drive.

The main features of thepumped slope protection wet spray machine series:

1. Hydraulic pumping mode is adopted, the system has high reliability and the conveying capacity is stable.

2. The main oil pump uses a variable displacement piston pump, and the injection speed can be adjusted freely.

3, equipped with automatic and manual combined centralized lubrication system, automatic control of grease filling amount, filling time, effectively extending the service life of wear parts.

wet shotcrete machine

Piston type slope protection wet spray machine series

1. Forced feeding of the piston inside the machine completely solves the problem of sticking of the material in the rotor cavity and has strong applicability to concrete.

2. The three cavities are fed at the same time, which realizes the thin flow conveying of plastic concrete in the pipeline, continuous flow, no blockage, small back pressure of the nozzle, low rebound, and smooth surface of the spray coating.

3. The liquid quick-setting agent system is accurate and evenly mixed.

wet mix shotcrete machine

From the above three series of slope protection wet spray machine products of our company,

The common advantages are as follows:

1. Simple structure and strong adaptability.

2. The pressure is high and the conveying distance is long.

3. High efficiency: large displacement and high efficiency.

4. High performance: The performance of sprayed concrete is high and the rebound rate is small.

5, high reliability: key components use domestic well-known brands to ensure equipment reliability.

6. Accelerator addition and control technology: domestic famous brand metering pump is accurate.

7. Reduce the dust concentration outside the machine and outside the nozzle to reduce the harm to workers' health.

Slope protection wet spray machine manufacturers

Although there are many manufacturers of slope protection wet spray machines, there are few manufacturers with strong strength, hard product quality and good after-sales service like our company. When selecting equipment, we must ask more, see more, and consult more.

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