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Mortar pump instruction manual

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First, the installation of mortar pump

After the SJB50 mortar pump package is disassembled, it is assembled according to the "structural principle" P3. The connecting piece forms a continuous direction with the conveying worm. The flange is tightened by the tie rod nut, the pressurized stator, the slurry block and the slurry are installed, and the tie rod is tightened. Then install the pressure grout joint, pay attention to the installation of the seal at each joint.

Second, the placement of the mortar pump

mortar pump

The SJB50 mortar pump should be placed on a flat and solid ground, and the power supply should be connected as required and grounded. The air source and pipeline connected in the spray protection are connected correctly, and the safety protection is adjusted accurately.

Third, the inspection and preparation before starting

1. The power switch in the electric control cabinet should be in the off position, and the control switch of the stirring mechanism should be in the “stop” position.

2. Check the accelerator oil level, which should be in the middle of the normal oil window. The oil level should be equal to the oil in the middle of the oil window.

3. Check that the matching air source and pipeline are connected correctly, and the instruments are displayed correctly.

Fourth, the start of the mortar pump

grout pump

The operator should start the pre-start inspection and preparation work before starting the mortar pump.

1. Close the power switch Q1, the voltmeter PV indicates the power supply voltage; the power supply voltage should be normal. If it is not normal, check the balance between the incoming line voltages.

2. Jog the motor “grout button SB2” to check whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct. At this time, the conveying screw should be forwarded forward. If it is opposite to the requirement, the power cord should be replaced by the stop bar (the main power supply or reconnection is changed every time). This check is required.) Press the “grout button SB2”, the conveying worm should be forwarded and the grouting can be started. Press the “pressure relief button SB3” and the conveying worm should move backwards to release the pressure.

3. The matching air pipe and pipe connection during spray protection is correct, the display of each instrument should be accurate; the safety protection device should be sensitive and reliable; the start valve should be opened slowly, and the joints should be free of air leakage. Increase.

Note: It is strictly forbidden to stand at the exit of the ejector or the trachea.

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