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Advantages and operation methods of secondary construction pump

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With the rapid development of construction machinery, mechanization of construction sites has become a new trend in the future. In the future, with the popularization of the construction machinery industry in people's daily life, the working conditions will become more diverse. The research and development of the secondary structural column pouring pump has brought rapid progress to the construction industry. The secondary construction pump has become a concrete pouring construction. The key equipment not only saves the labor cost, but also improves the overall construction efficiency. The special equipment for constructing the column pouring has exquisite design and movement. It can be poured on the floor, easy to operate and easy to use, and can effectively solve the construction process of the column. The problem that the top part is close to the bottom beam section is difficult to be poured with high quality, and the flatness and the perceived quality of the construction column are ensured, which is a good product for constructing the column.

concrete pump

In order to improve the seismic performance of multi-story masonry structures, the specification requirements should be to set up reinforced concrete columns in the appropriate parts of the building's masonry and connect them with the ring beams to jointly strengthen the stability of the building. Such reinforced concrete columns are often referred to as structural columns. The secondary construction pump is the key equipment in concrete pouring construction. The function and quality of the secondary construction column pump play a selective role in the safety, quality and power of the grouting project. With the development of modern industry, mechanized construction has become a new trend in the future. The special construction of the secondary construction column pump special hydraulic pump, new products, more applications, new metal materials, these new materials have high strength, strong resistance to oxidation, high temperature, wear resistance.

The secondary structure concrete pouring pump is used for pouring the floor structure column equipment. Each structure of the secondary structure column pump is constructed to improve the working efficiency. It can be said that the advanced structure can make the grouting pump have more Many advantages, but also because of the advanced structure of the grouting pump, this equipment also has the characteristics of small size, can be moved, the machine can completely replace the artificial pouring, can automatically walk, the room can enter and exit freely, this pump The utility model has the advantages of small volume, convenient construction, simple operation, and direct pouring on the floor, which greatly reduces the labor intensity.

concrete pump

The operation steps of the secondary construction pump:

1. When pumping concrete down, the gas valve on the conveying pipe should be opened first, and the gas valve should be closed when the concrete in the lower part of the conveying pipe has a certain pressure.

2. Before the concrete pumping is about to end, the amount of concrete that needs to be used should be correctly calculated, and the concrete mixing station should be informed in time.

3. During the pumping process, the excess concrete that is discarded and pumped out shall be properly disposed of in a timely manner according to predetermined treatment methods and locations.

4. When the pumping is completed, the concrete pump and the conveying pipe should be cleaned.

5. When clogging is removed and the concrete pump is re-pumped or cleaned, the outlet of the cloth equipment should be in a safe direction to prevent the blockage or waste slurry from flying out at high speed.

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