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Automatic spraying machine operation guide

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Section 1 Installation of sprayer

After the sprayer package is disassembled, the assembly is started. The transition screw and the conveying screw are first connected to form a continuous rotation direction, and then the rubber sleeve rear gland is connected with the silo port, and the rod hole is inserted into the rod to be fixed by a nut, and the booster stator is installed. Pressurize the worm assembly, the slurry block and the slurry, tighten the tie rods, and install the spray pressure taps. Pay attention to the installation of the seals at each joint.

Section 2 Placement of Sprayer

The sprayer should be placed on a flat, solid floor and secured to the wheels. Connect the power supply as required and ground protection.

Section III Inspection and preparation before start-up

1. The power switch in the electric control cabinet should be in the off position.

2. Check the oil level of the reducer. The normal oil level should be above the central axis of the reducer. The oil level should be enough to make up the oil below the central axis of the reducer.

3. The matching pipeline connection should be correct and the instruments should be displayed correctly.

Automatic spraying machine

Section 4 Start of spraying machine

The operator can start the sprayer after the pre-start inspection and preparation work.

1. Close the power switch, the voltmeter indicates the power supply voltage; the power supply voltage should be normal. If it is not normal, check the balance between the incoming line voltages.

2. Press the “spray” button S to check if the rotation direction of the motor is correct. At this time, the conveying screw should push forward. If it is opposite to the equipment marking requirement, the power cord should be shut down (every time the total power is changed or re This check is required for wiring).

Press the “spray” button, the conveying screw should push forward and start spraying.

Press the “Relieve” button to transport the screw to move backwards to release the pressure. However, the pressure relief time should not exceed 5 seconds.

3. Check whether the display of each meter is accurate; whether the safety protection device is sensitive and reliable; the joints should be free of air leakage, and the airflow at the outlet of the injection pipe should be gradually increased with the opening of the valve.

Note: It is strictly forbidden to stand at the ejector or trachea outlet.

Fourth, spraying slurry operation

During the spraying process, when the design pressure is reached, press the “Stop” button to maintain the spray pressure.

Section 1, General Procedures and Requirements for Spraying Work

Automatic spraying machine

Mortar spraying machine operating procedures:

1. Turn on the power, press the start button, and the screw pump will start working. If the steering is reversed, press the stop button to stop. Adjust the power supply and reverse the beginning to change the steering. If it is in the opposite direction, it will not be discharged.

2. Inject a small amount of water into the inlet of the delivery hose, or use a screw pump to pump the water to wet the delivery hose, and then gradually drain the tube memory water from the outlet. The drainage should be clean and no residual water should remain in the pipe;

3. Tied the duct and the mortar tube side by side. The row connects the duct to the nozzle.

4. Put the evenly mixed material into the hopper (can be used with the powder opener).

5. Press the start button and the shotcrete will start. In the work, combined with the adjustment of the air volume, the spray quality can be optimized.

6. The adjustable speed screw pump has an output flow rate of 0-8 liters/min. In operation, it can be adjusted to the output speed suitable for construction.

7. Stirring materials must be added continuously in the hopper to ensure the continuity of the spraying work. When the spraying work needs to be paused, press the stop button to make the operation more convenient. The following methods can be used for remote control: the middle button of the electric box to the left is the manual control switch.

8. Before the end of the spraying work, after the remaining material in the hopper is sprayed, the air pump is turned off and the machine is stopped.

9. Remove the nozzle and disassemble the parts and clean them one by one.

10. Inject water into the hopper and press the button to clean the water. After the nozzle has flowed out of the clear water, press the button to stop, remove the transfer hose and roll up.

The second section, precautions for spraying slurry

1. Check the power supply as required before starting the machine.

2. The pump is a single-liquid pump, and no accelerator should be used in the slurry.

3. Long-term interruption should be avoided during the spraying operation. In case of sudden interruption, there should be spare water cleaning equipment; for temporary shutdown during grouting, if the downtime exceeds 5 minutes, press the “spray” button for 5 seconds to prevent the slurry from solidifying in the pipeline.

4. When continuously grouting, connect the water pipe to the connecting flange, flush the joint of the coupling and the reducer, on the one hand, cool the sealing ring, on the other hand, prevent the cement slurry leaking after the sealing ring is worn and break into the reducer. .

5. It is strictly forbidden to press the “pressure relief” button frequently or to make it “depressurized” for a long time.

6. After grouting, the pressure relief must be reversed to remove the grouting hose. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the grouting hose and equipment under pressure.

7. It is strictly forbidden to flush the motor and electric control box with water.

8. After each use, it must be cleaned, dried and stored.

9. The stator casing has five adjusting screws for pressure adjustment and also for pressure compensation adjustment after the rubber sleeve is worn. The new equipment has been set at the factory, and it is properly adjusted according to the pressure and the wear of the rubber sleeve during use; the alternate use of the booster worm and the booster stator can prolong its service life.

Automatic spraying machine

Section III, Safety Precautions for Spraying Pulp Work

1. Fix the spraying machine, grouting hose, etc. during construction, and the grouting hose is in a slack state.

2. After grouting, it is necessary to clean the spraying machine and the grouting hose in time, and the switches are in the stop and break position, and the power is cut off in time.

3. Do not put handles and other debris into the hopper or conveying screw at any time.

4. Pay attention to environmental safety.

Section 4, Cleaning of Grouting Hose and Sprayer

After the spraying slurry is finished, the grouting hose and the grouting pump should be cleaned in time for equipment inspection and maintenance and other finishing work.

1. After the spray slurry is finished, add water to the hopper and start the “spray” button to make the equipment run.

2. When the water flowing out of the grouting hose is clean water, it indicates that there is no cement mortar in the equipment and it stops.

3. When cleaning the equipment casing with clean water, avoid using water to flush the electric control box.

4. Remove the grouting hose and store it in coils.

5. Remove the booster stator, use a wrench to unscrew the booster worm, and store the booster worm oil.

6. Pull out the conveying screw and store the oil in the end.

7, other finishing work.

Automatic spraying machine

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