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Charging! Come on! 2019, set sail!

Views: 29     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-01-14      Origin: Site

New Year's Day,Jiaozuo Taixin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The fifth phase of management innovation training class and 2019 sales work conference was held in Yingbin Hotel.


Bai Jianyong, general manager of the company, took part in the company's senior management,feel the joy of knowledge.

In the fast-growing situation of the company,Improve the quality of the staff、Establish brand awareness and deep understanding of product knowledge,There is an urgent need to improve the sales team's ability to adapt to the market and adapt to market trends.


To this end, the company specially invited Chinese marketing industry gold medal lecturer,Yan Zhimin, the winner of the China Training Golden Award, lectured at the venue to answer questions.The teacher yan is achievements in sales psychology are obvious to all.Teacher Yan especially emphasizes always solving the problem from the perspective of the customer and the problems encountered in the actual work.

Relieve fatigue game during training

Colleagues speak positively, teacher wise comments


Three days of knowledge baptism,everyone has changed a lot in their ideas.Help customers solve problems encountered during construction through interactive means.

In the blink of an eye, our management innovation training course has been launched five times.Significant improvement in staff quality,Work efficiency and service awareness are significantly enhanced.Taixin Machinery truly regards learning as a living habit, a need for survival, a foundation of business, a corporate responsibility, a spiritual pursuit, and an ideological realm.Achieve Institutionalization of learning、Standardization, consciousness and long-term.

Company leaders attend the meeting and make concluding remarks

2018 is the harvest year,We successfully entered the China Railway Corporation and several subsidiaries、China Gezhouba Group's framework agreement supplier......Laid a solid foundation for the successful completion of sales tasks.


Enter the workshop to visit and study

Sales elites in the sales meeting for the company's sustainable development, accurate decision-making, and suggestions.

2019 New Year's dinner

In the new year, we will work hard to achieve our goals.


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