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Dust-Type Dry Spray Machine

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In response to the transformation of construction requirements in some developing countries, we have introduced SGP7C series dust-removing concrete jets, which are used for dry spray, tidal spray and wet spray concrete. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, stable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, and long service life. And combined with current environmental needs. Increase the dust removal module to improve the construction environment. Greatly beneficial to the health of the construction workers. The machine adopts a flat-plate vibration motor with strong vibration force and fast discharging. It is suitable for shotcrete construction operations such as tunnels and culvert underground works.

The SGP7C dust-removal jet machine is mainly composed of a drive system, a rotor assembly, a wind path system, an injection system, a dust removal system and the like.

dust-type dry spray machine

A. the drive system

The fully enclosed oil immersed reducer is mounted on the bottom of the machine, with three-stage gearing, a total gear ratio of approximately 160 and a transmission efficiency of approximately 90%.

  The motor is mounted vertically on the gear unit in parallel with the rotor shaft.

   Model: Y132M2-6      Voltage class: 380V/660V

   Power: 5.5KW               Speed: 960r/min

B. rotor assembly

The machine adopts a unique soft-body straight-type rotor. No rubber vibrating hose is hung in any material cavity. During operation, the air pressure is continuously inflated, and the residual gas is used to vibrate the pipe wall. The wet material is eliminated from the wall of the material cavity, thereby improving. The ability of the machine to handle wet materials reduces the amount of cleaning and maintenance work.

Rotor capacity 10L

Number of cavities 10

Maximum outer diameter φ440

The rotating lining has a lining on each of the upper and lower sides of the rotor. It is made of alloy tool steel. The thickness of the whole body is 17mm and the hardness is above HRC50. The service life can reach more than 3000m3.

The sealing plate has two upper and lower pieces, made of special rubber, which has good wear resistance and a service life of about 300m3.

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