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what’s the price of a shotcrete machine?

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Tunneling shotcreting is an important process in tunnel construction. Then you will need a shotcrete machine. There are many types of shotcrete machines in the market, dry-mix shotcrete machine, wet-mix shotcrete machine, how to choose a right machine for your project and what is the price of a shotcrete machine?

PZ shotcrete Machine

What is the price of a shotcrete machine?

how much is a shotcrete machine? The price range is wide, some shotcrete machines are very high while others relatively low. In fact, the price is depended on many factors, such as shotcrete manufacture, machine models and so on. These are key factors for shotcrete machine prices. As for how to decide the prices, see the following:

l Manufacture scale: each manufacture’s production scales are different, so the prices are different

l Different models: output capacities are different, from 30m3 per minute to 7 m3 per minute. Large output capacity represents high working efficiency. Of course the price will be high.

dry shotcrete machine

Shotcrete machine price of TXSL

Our shotcrete machine prices range from thousands dollars to ten thousands dollars. Different models have different prices. Generally speaking, TXSL shotcrete machines are cost-effective. For shotcrete machine models and prices, you can inquiry our sales service personnel. In addition to good price, our after-sales service and high quality will give you a excellent experience. Our shotcrete machine will save construction cost as well as improve working efficiency. 

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