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How to buy a good shotcrete robot

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How to buy a good shotcrete robot

Many users don’t know have a good understanding about shotcrete robot. It’s difficult to select a good shotcrete robot. On the other hand, shotcrete robot manufactures don’t know much about tunnel shotcreting conditions and technology, they may give a good suggestion in selecting shotcrete robot. In this article, we will talk about some features that are important for a shotcrete robot. 

shotcrete robot

Main features of shotcrete robot
1. spraying capacity and spraying scope

Customers should select a shotcrete robot according to tunnel sectional dimension, construction technology, spraying need. Generally, the boom length is measured from boom rotation center to boom end, spraying scope is defined by the inverted arc ability in front, upward and downward direction. Boom location at shotcrete robot decides the spray scope.

2. walking performance (chassis type)
In addition to spray capacity and spray scope, walking performance is also an important factor that needs to be considered. Walking performance includes walking speed, gradeability, radius of turning circle, ground clearance, tyre type and so on. The external construction field is rough and rugged and internal construction field is narrow and is difficult to turn around, therefore, chassis and turn radius are important. Shotcrete robot of Weibang machinery adopets strengthened special engineer chassis. The chassis is featured with four-wheel driving, four-wheel turning and crabbing function. Compared with automotive chassis, gradeability ability of engineering chassis is stronger, radius of turning circle is smaller.

3. Boom structure
Spray boom plays an important role in spraying effect.  There are three main boom structure, including folding structure, telescopic structure,  folding and telescopic boom structure. Folding and telescopic structure can allow the shotcrete robot to spray a large scope without spraying blind area.

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